Myriad Technical Services


Country: United States


Position title: Cyber Security Engineer

Location: Various locations

Compensation: Pay, per diem and mob/demob


The Cyber Security project requires one nuclear engineer at the each of seven nuclear sites to perform assessments on Critical Digital Assets (CDAs) to meet the Cyber Security regulation. The contingent workers are needed to assist with the Cyber Security Assessments of over 12,000 Critical Digital Assets. ­


Perform Cyber Security Assessment of Critical Digital Assets located throughout a nuclear site. Duties include but are not limited to:

1. Complete the Table Top portion of the Assessment which includes researching engineering documents, drawings and vendor manuals

2. Maintain configuration control of assessment results in an auditable, controlled system

3. Physically walk down Critical Digital Assets throughout the plant to verify system configuration and identify potential cyber threats.


Skill Set: ­

Recent experience and detailed plant knowledge of Nuclear Generating station for the site assigned to. ­ Knowledge of nuclear digital components ­ Technical nuclear power experience with Engineering experience. ­ Excellent communication skills.


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