Myriad Technical Services



What is a Per Diem

  • Per Diem is a daily allowance for expenses, a specific amount of money that a client offers to an individual per day or weekly to defray living and traveling expenses in connection with work done away from home.  
  • Per Diem eligibility is defined by the client.
  • Per Diem varies depending on the site location and as stipulated by the client.
  • To learn more or find a per diem rate for a location, please visit General Services Administration.


What is Mob/demob

Mobilization and demobilization (also being referred to as mob/demob) is onetime payment which covers employee arrival and departure to and from work site at the beginning and at the end of a contract.

Right to represent

By giving Myriad Technical the right to represent, you permit us to present your resume to our client and be an exclusive agent for your consulting needs with that specific client. Furthermore it prevents duplicate submissions which may potentially be detrimental to your selection

Payroll common questions

  • The payroll is processed biweekly
  • Direct Deposit is available
  • 401K contributions are available after 90 days of continuous employment
  • Paystubs are sent via email after payroll has been processed

Employment authorization

US citizens and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply.