Myriad Technical Services



Myriad Technical Services was founded in 1997 with a singular purpose of providing reliable technical personnel to the utilities through engagement of competent, well accomplished, and talented professionals. Over time, the scope of our services has grown to include engineering consulting, resource augmentation, managed tasks, placement of engineering and engagement of IT professionals at corporate offices around USA and Canada.


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Why Us

Welcome to Myriad Technical Services where we bring thoughtful analysis and intelligent selective process to the concept of resource augmentation. Our personalized service, client-focused approach and industries expertise allow us to find the best professional resource solutions for our client organizations while advancing the career goals of our employees.

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What is a Per Diem

  • Per Diem is a daily allowance for expenses, a specific amount of money that a client offers to an individual per day or weekly to defray living and traveling expenses in connection with work done away from home.  
  • Per Diem eligibility is defined by the client.
  • Per Diem varies depending on the site location and as stipulated by the client.
  • To learn more or find a per diem rate for a location, please visit General Services Administration.


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